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An Introduction to the Delicious Raw Food Lifestyle

Curious about raw food?  Don’t know where to begin? Is this raw food thing even right for you? Get the answers you are looking for.  Faithful Palate’s exclusive VIP Brunch was designed to answer these exact questions for each person individually.   That’s right, individually.   This VIP Brunch was designed and created for the Hopeful, the Curious, the Intelligent Health Seeker.  You’ve already learned that the path most people are on leads to miserable statistics.  But how is your future going to be different from the nearly half of all Americans who will die of heart disease or the other half who will experience cancer?  That is the question to be answered now, isn’t it?  Here at Faithful Palate, we know that raw and living foods contain the nutrients that give each one of us the best chances of long-term vibrant health and longevity.  But how can we eat this healthy all the time with the pressures of work, bills, family, and everything else taking up our time and attention?  

This VIP Brunch can show you how.  This is where you will be able to see the possibilities.  You will be able to try this for yourself, hands-on!  This is a comprehensive and delicious introduction to the raw food lifestyle. Not only will you get to learn about and eat tasty raw food, you’ll get information on how you can successfully and deliciously incorporate it into YOUR life.  You will receive instruction in recipe creation and development, advanced meal prep, and tools for YOUR long-term success. After this five-hour, interactive brunch, you will see raw food in a whole new light.  

And it’s not just a brunch! Over these five hours, you’ll enjoy thoughtful conversation, get all your questions answered, explore the equipment, learn the two most successful protocols to stocking your own fridge plus advanced meal-prep for convenient, nutrient-dense meals for the week ahead.   Make new discoveries

  • Breakfast: Juices, smoothies, satisfying bowls.
  • Lunches and Dinners: raw, plant-based sushi, pates and wraps, salads and dressings
  • Snacks: ways to satisfy between-meal cravings, munchies and exhaustion
  • On the Go:  How to make sure you stay satisfied with healthful raw food meals when not at home, when out with guests or all alone
  • The best raw food supplements: It may surprise you to learn that nature provided her own bursts of nutrient supplements.  Better than bottles of pills and powders from the big box store
  • Desserts: So decadent you’ll see this as the best part of the lifestyle!

Everything presented to you is raw, organic and plant-based.  You are encouraged to eat as much or as little as you like.  You get the option of playing with as many of the machines and as much of the food as you and your guests wish.  Whether you want to practice and be more hands on, or your guests prefer to simply stay out of the way and be supportive, any option is available to you and the two guests you may invite to accompany you.  

Each VIP Brunch includes:

  • You and up to two guests you may choose to accompany you on this journey
  • Five hours of in-service with our top raw food chef plus assistant-chefs
  • In-home privacy with quality learning and presentations
  • Recipes designed for every meal of the day, prepared and presented with you in mind
  • Meal ideas and recipes that cover a typical day of raw food eating
  • Top protocols for meal prep and fridge stocking to ensure long-term success
  • A cooler full of raw dishes for you to take home and enjoy
  • A new outlook and appreciation for the possibilities of your own raw food lifestyle!

If you would like to discuss this opportunity or to schedule your private VIP Brunch, click here.

Investment: $1,495.00

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