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Would you like to be one of my personal Clients?

Occasionally, I accept new clients who would benefit from some private attention to go a little deeper into the specific areas of your life that demand a second point of view.  Could you benefit by having a second set of eyes to take a look at the specific issues you face?  Would you like an experienced, professional, highly-intelligent sounding board for the ideas and issues you are facing?   

Your life is demanding and you must make difficult decisions, be creative, perform and succeed all while appearing to remain calm and balanced.  You would benefit from a silent partner in your corner who is always available to you, providing exquisite, highly personalized, very private Mensa-quality conversation, expert communication and listening skills, professional experience and intimate knowledge of the human condition.    

Contact me and let’s take care of your on-going needs with regular, predictable support.   Ultimately, I am here to serve.  If your unmet needs delve into the various areas of life, (business, personal, relationship, health), you could very well benefit from having an extra ear to listen, an extra eye for clarity or an extra heart to achieve balance.  If you have already gotten to know me and would like to maintain your relationship with me, this is that opportunity.  

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After my wife passed suddenly, I hardly knew what to do with myself. She was my world. I depended on her for everything. I didn’t know what to do without her. Thank you, Jeannie, for helping me to reshape my daily routine, do the work of actually feeding myself and maintaining my relationships with my own kids. You have truly been a God-send. I’m certain my wife would have loved you too.

Steve – St. George, UT

Twenty-four hour shifts at the ER was about to destroy my Faithful Palate. Thank you, Jeannie, for helping me to master the principle of On-the-Go more deeply and intimately than I could master it alone. I really needed you and you were there for me.

Jonathan – Salt Lake City, UT

My marriage was in chaos. My business partner even wanted to dissolve our company. Everything was my fault and I had no way out. Instead of facing the serious consequences, I was about to go MIA. Jeannie, you turned it all around for me. You truly are the master strategist. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your brilliant questions and brainstorming skills. Thank you for saving my marriage and the rest of my life too.

Scott K. – Denver, CO