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Mastering the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits

Would you like to eat healthier?  Do you want to change your eating habits?  I mean really? Are you ready to give up junk food?  Once and for all, can you see yourself no longer craving processed foods?  If busting out of self-sabotage and regaining control over your diet sounds exactly like what you’ve been trying to do for years, then Mastering the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits is for you.

Mastering the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits is a 12-month program.  We work in community.  That’s right, we work together as a tribe.  First, we learn what to eat.  Then we learn how to eat.  But it doesn’t end there.  We create this success by habit.  What that means for you is that eating healthfully no longer feels like an ordeal.  You get plenty to eat.  You are never hungry.  You will eat more nourishment than you thought possible.  You will get healthier all the way around and never be “on a diet” again.  We habituate this process and drill it down deep you’re your DNA, so your eating habits become automated and there’s no way to fail when we’re done.  We learn the pitfalls and their solutions.  We learn protocols that work.  These 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits are the ticket to the healthiest YOU possible.  This program gives you back your choices, your control and your ideal weight.  You will have fewer diagnoses.  Fewer pills and procedures in your life.  You will be healthier than you thought possible.   

What are the 7 habits?

I’m going to tell you right now.  But first you must understand that knowing what a habit is, doesn’t create it in your life. You get what I mean.  I know you do.  How many people know they should save money, but don’t; they should eat better, but don’t; they should have an exercise routine, but just don’t?  Unfortunately, too many.  But not you.  Not anymore. This time you are going to create the habits you really want and need to accomplish your weight and health goals going forward.  We all know we should be eating more raw fruits and vegetable.  We know we need a certain amount of fats and proteins without the cholesterol.  So how do we make that happen.  We do it with the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits.  Here they are:  

  1. Smoothies
  2. Juices
  3. Salad (with dressings you’ll love)
  4. Hand-to-Mouth (the things we love to pick up and eat)
  5. Dessert
  6. Supplementation (From Nature, not a big box store)
  7. On-the-Go

I’ve designed this plan around the realities of life. You’ll become well-equipped to handle the temptations of human weakness and modern marketing.  You’ll think about food differently.  You’ll actually enjoy planning to eat.  Never again be unprepared for the curve balls of life.  You’ll know exactly how to negotiate what other people think of as dietary pitfalls.  But not you.  Not anymore.  You will look forward to these occasions again, this time without regret:

  • Traveling
  • Entertaining clients
  • Dinner parties
  • Dating
  • Busy schedules

The course includes:

  • Three, one-hour group coaching calls each month, for 12 months
  • A Facebook page to stay connected with your fellow group members
  • Instructional videos and downloadable worksheets
  • Expert Guest Speakers
  • A proven, copywritten process to guide you toward mastery of the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits
  • All material will be recorded in case you miss something
  • The highlight of the program is a year-end retreat where we celebrate the changes we’ve accomplished with the new friends we’ve made in the program.  This is so much fun.  

By the end of the year, you will have mastered the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits. You will have mastered your culinary skills, know how to use the habits, why to use them, and be able to overcome the human resistance that used to prevent you from eating correctly in the past.

Are you ready to get started?  If you would like to sign up for the next group coaching program, Mastering the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits, or you would like to visit more about it, click here

Investment: $500 to reserve your spot and $495 per month for 12(twelve) months.  Or save $990 (two payments) and pay with one payment of $5450.

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