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The Role of Living Foods Nutrition

When we eat cooked food, our immune system reacts as if we have just been contaminated by an army of toxic invaders. Our white blood cells mobilize in large numbers and spring into action to annihilate this foreign army. The more cooked food we eat, the more our immune system is in a perpetual frenzy [...]

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Raw Food Studies

Eating nothing but raw, plant-based foods is such a radical idea to some people that they sometimes inquire about the existence of clinical research that support such a lifestyle. While there seems to be a plethora of scientific studies that validate the health benefits of a plant based diet, less well known is the preponderance [...]

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How to Grow the Best Wheatgrass From the HHI Garden

Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest medicine. It is our signature elixir here at Hippocrates Health Institute. It is the icon in our logo. It is a powerful concentrated liquid nutrient. Wheatgrass juice builds your blood and boosts the immune system. It is a fast-growing, high energy, high-frequency plant. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has the [...]

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The 17 Most Dangerous Food Additives and How to Avoid Them

When you wander through a grocery store, do you ever wonder how long those energy bars or your favorite breakfast cereal can sit there on the shelf? Food additives are big business in the food manufacturing world, and they are used to do everything from coloring food to making it safe to sit on a [...]

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27 Reasons to Avoid Farmers’ Markets

Eating local is all the rage right now. Still, there are plenty of reasons to avoid farmers' markets and roadside stands. If you can say—and believe—the following statements, don't be taken in by all the foodie hype!   I prefer bland, tasteless food. Taste buds are best kept lulled and complacent. Like old-school vanilla before [...]

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5 Reasons to Try the Raw Food Diet

The phrases “raw food diet” and “raw food lifestyle” may seem intimidating to you, but they really shouldn’t. In a world full of conflicting diet programs, misleading food labels and highly-processed foodstuffs, a raw diet can help you let go of total “food confusion.” Sidestep the confusion and enjoy food as it was meant to [...]

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Top 5 Reasons to Quit Reading Food Labels Today

Would it seem strange to you to pick up a zucchini and turn it over to read the label? How about a bag of asparagus, or a single apple? Yet, when we buy a frozen apple pie, the label lists dozens of ingredients. You probably don’t recognize half of them. Here's the truth: real food [...]

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The human body is a miraculous thing – capable of maintaining itself in its natural state. When fueled with proper food and exercise, it remains healthy for decades. When healthy, and unaltered by any detrimental chemicals, foreign hormones, heavy metals and poisons, our immune system is designed to provide us sufficient protection and healing power [...]

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What Are the Benefits of Raw and Living Foods?

Imagine a world in which the food you eat comes to you straight from the fields and orchards of organic farmers. It’s the way we all lived, once upon a time. Our meals were comprised of raw ingredients plucked straight from the ground and from branches. Now, our diets consist almost exclusively of cooked foods. [...]

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Foods that Fool and Fuel Disease

First and foremost, if you want your body to perform optimally, you need real food and all-natural nutrients, i.e. “Foods that FOOL Disease.” The sad fact is, most of the food consumed by people today is not real food—it’s genetically engineered (GE), saturated with pesticides and added chemicals, and processed in a number of ways. [...]

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